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Los Angeles photographer Lee White is a advertising photographer, editorial photographer, corporate photographer based in Los Angeles, California, United States having a dramatic photography style. Internationally published, Lee White specializes in people pictures for advertising, editorial and corporate clients.  His extensive professional photography experience keeps him in high demand by a wide range of clients in California, the US and throughout the world.  Many national and international clients pick him as the professional advertising photographer in Los Angeles.

Lee White prides himself in being the “Go to Photographer” for many advertising, editorial and corporate photography assignments.  When you need to get to a shoot done on time, within budget and with the least amount of hassles you can have confidence in Lee White.  He brings decades of experience dealing with advertising agencies, magazines and corporations to each of your projects.  Lee feels that your success is his success and so is keenly aware that every shoot he does has to be the best.

Lee White of Lee White Photography provides business, corporate, editorial, advertising, stock, professional and commercial photography in Los Angeles, California in the United States. Working from his Los Angeles based full-service studio, he can provide digital images, location, hair and make up, wardrobe and specialized lighting services.   He goes on location anywhere in the world for his photo assignments. He specializes in dramatic digital portraits for commercial, corporate, advertising and editorial use.

Advertising photography: advertising-photographer In advertising photography simplicity is an elusive quality.  Creating advertising images is a complex process of editing the subject down to its essence especially with location photography.  In people photography simplicity, concept and beauty of form are dominant elements in Lee White’s work as an advertising photographer with an affinity for the whimsical and the super real.  Lee enjoys the challenge of solving problems and the quest of finding new visual solutions in his commercial photography.  Although equally comfortable photographing still lifes, he specializes in dramatic portraits with a style that is both distinctive and thought provoking. It really doesn’t matter what type of advertising pictures Lee shoots, everything is presented as larger than life, better than reality.  He is continually developing and challenging his own digital visual style.

Editorial Photography: As a professional Los Angeles photographer, Lee White understands the editorial needs of magazine editors and art directors to work with a trusted people photographer who captures with impact the original editorial concept.  The passion for capturing his subjects and their many facets is a driving force behind his magazine photography.  Lee can put his subjects at ease whether he is photographing a portrait of a high-powered Fortune 500 executive or a Moroccan goat herder that speaks no English.  It is evident, Lee likes people and people like him.  When you need photo coverage of an upcoming event, Lee can use his skills as a magazine photographer to work capturing the decisive moments.  He can create attention grabbing environmental portraits and lifestyle portraits.  Lee White loves editorial photography.

Corporate photography;  As a corporate photographer, Lee White draws from many years of experience of shooting for Fortune 500 companies.  Lee White is creating arresting compositions, colorful abstracts and portraits that enliven the pages of corporate annual reports, company brochures and ad campaigns, whether he’s shooting corporate portraits of executives in corporate offices or on location photography of industrial facilities in China.  As a corporate photographer his ability to build long-term, trusting relationships by listening to clients and consistently exceeding their expectations drives his success.  Lee’s skills and accomplishments play a big part in his continuing success making corporate images but it is his winning personality that keeps them coming back time after time.

Portrait photography: When you need a dramatic portrait for editorial, advertising or corporate use you can depend on Lee White bringing back stunning portraiture.  Lee creates striking, passionate images of people in their environments.  A digital photographer he approaches subjects with visual clarity, a strong sense of composition, dramatic lighting, balancing emotion and dynamic energy. As a portrait artist, Lee understanding the need for superlative headshots in this image conscious environment whether it’s presenting a lifestyle, real people or an executive representing an international corporation he always hits just the right tone.

Still life photography: Lee White is the photographer to go to when you want a campaign that is so graphic and grabbing that your product is bound for sales success.  Apart from his trademark unconventional lighting and crisp designs, Lee’s success lies in his ability to listen to and articulate his clients’ vision, shooting accordingly.  He has a fully equipped studio is in Los Angeles but he is adept at making stunning product photographs and still-life images anywhere in the United States or the world that you might need him.

Video: Lee White has found video a natural evolution to his photography assignments in Los Angeles, the US and internationally.  A large number of his projects now also include shooting video for advertising, editorial and corporate using his unique cinematic style, bringing a photographer’s eye to the lighting and composition.  Lee understands the need for a visually narrative approach that involves the viewer.  Video interviews are becoming increasingly important to magazine and corporate websites and Lee is a master at producing this short form of video.  Short advertising videos help get your message quickly to the internet user.

Fun portraits Lee White is a portrait photographer who bringing out the whimsy in his portraits.  Catching the imagination of the viewer while illustrating a concept or theme for advertising, editorial, and corporate.

Stock photography: Lee White Photography has a stock photography file encompassing lifestyle, people, business, corporate, headshots, industrial, commercial, education, healthcare, design, and technology.  Lee’s images can also be purchased through Corbis for use by advertising agencies, in magazines, corporations and in textbooks.  He is always open to new stock photography opportunities.

Photography educator: As a photo instructor for over fifteen years, Lee has taught a variety of analog and digital photography classes.  The classes have touched on advertising, magazine, stock, landscape and corporate photography.  He helps students develop their skills in portraiture, product, lifestyle, stock and industrial photography.  He guest lectures on digital asset management at the college level to help students understand digital workflow.  Lee is developing a hybrid photography/video class that introduces photography students to the best practices to incorporate video in a still photography framework.  He is a strong believer in using student learning outcomes to help plan and assess the success of coursework. Lee White’s photography has been used in hundreds of textbooks for elementary schools, high schools, and universities.

Environmentally friendly: Lee White converted to an eco-friendly business model over 15 years ago taking steps to conserve natural resources, prevent pollution, and reduce waste.  First he built a new studio by his house to eliminate the wasteful use of petroleum products and stop fouling the air with needless exhaust.  Not only does this reduce emissions and congestions, it has the extra benefit to his European and Asian clients as he is functionally at his studio during their normal business hours.

Lee has cut power consumption in many ways to reduce the strain on natural resources.  He maintain large trees that shade both the studio and house which take in CO2 and generate oxygen while reducing the use of air conditioning by 98%.  Crewmembers and he turn off lights in areas not being used and unplug equipment rather than leaving them in stand-by mode.  Where lights are on they conserve energy by using compact and regular fluorescent bulbs balanced to daylight for better color rendition.  Rechargeable batteries are used in cameras, portable computers and portable strobe reducing deadly toxics created in regular battery production and ending up in landfills.

Lee White converted to digital imaging thus stopping the waste involve with the manufacture and processing of traditional film.  Clients are provided with the choice of receiving proofs and master files via the web rather than proof sheets and CD/DVD disks if they will fit the clients needs reducing the use of inks, ink cartridges, paper, plastics and rare metals.  All studio papers and disks including those sent to clients when returned are sent to recycling plants.  Recycling wastes require about two-thirds less energy than creation from raw materials.

Lee invites you to share in his efforts of creating eco-friendly images and protect our fragile earth.

Fashion photography: If you need fashion photography in Los Angeles, CA or anywhere in the world consider Lee White. Lee often uses found light for his fashion photography. 

Found light fashion photography.  Some might try and call it existing or available light, but that would be wrong.  Lee White doesn’t simply accept the light that is there and shoot.  He works with the light, moving the subject in concert with it.  Everywhere has a lighting theme of it’s own.  Often, when Lee shoots fashion he use this rhythm.  Maybe, it is smooth as jazz or hard as rap and Lee uses the light to play across the subject.  If Lee doesn’t like the light he finds, he is prepared to modify it.  For Lee fashion photography is about feeling and shoots accordingly,  so if you want to dictate every little thing during the shoot don’t hire him to shoot your fashion.  He loves to hear your ideas in the creative meeting, you can cast, you can pick the location, and hair / make-up, even your suggestions during the shoot, just leave finding the shot to him.

Blog I have been an instructor for outing organizations with strong environmental interests for over a decade.  “Leave only footprints, take only memories” is their motto and in my case also “take only pictures”.  I instructed backcountry classes on landscape photography, backpacking and navigation with a strong emphysis on preserving the environment mostly in the High Sierras and Mojave Desert.  Having grown up in Arizona, I spent my weekends and summers exploring the remote areas of the Sonoran Desert learning how special our wilderness areas are to experience.

China: When you need photos of China, Lee White has a wide range of advertising digital photography and editorial images of China.  Lee has photographed people and places in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Nanjing, Suzhou, Guilin, Li River, and the Terra-Cotta warriors.  His photos have been used in publications from McGraw-Hill textbooks to the South China News.

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